1000 bulk replicated CDs: $500; 500 bulk replicated CDs: $500. Wait…what?

By admin, December 8, 2008 9:55 am

Have you ever wondered why the minimum quantity for a CD or DVD replication project is 1000 units?  Have you ever requested a quantity of 500 or 700 replicated discs and have one of our sales reps recommend getting 1000?  It’s not some dirty trick to try and upsell you into more than you need.  The reason is the large fixed setup costs involved with replicating and screen printing discs (creating a glass master, setting up film and screens).  Most companies establish 1000 as the minimum start point.  If you find a company that offers a smaller minimum quantity, you’ll find that the unit price is so high that the total cost is nearly equal to ordering 1000 CDs or DVDs.

For example, a company may offer 1000 bulk replicated CDs for $0.50 per disc, or 500 bulk replicated CDs for $0.99 per disc.  That would work out like this:

1000 CDs x $0.50 per CD = $500 total

500 CDs x $0.99 per CD = $495 total

So for $5 more, you can get another 500 discs! 

But what if you honestly don’t need 1000 discs?  It then might be better to order duplicated CDRs.  I posted earlier about the basic differences between the two.  They will run a little bit cheaper at the lower quantities. 

What if you really need to have replicated CDs, but you don’t want all of the excess discs that you’ll have to store or just throw away?  Then you can simply let your sales rep know that you need only 500 and understand that the pricing is the same for 1000.

Note:  It’s been awhile since I worked in sales, so the prices I’ve mentioned in here are just examples.  To get an accurate quote from COPYCATS Media, click here.

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