Give a Physical Copy of the CD with an Album Download

By chrisbrummund, May 15, 2009 11:24 am

I came across this post on Twitter today and it made me happy:

@melodicart I think you should still get the physical cd sent to you when buying album downloads on iTunes. the artwork people! It matters! Missing out

As an employee at a CD duplication company, how can I not like that statement?  It really makes the point that you should get some more value when buying an album.  There’s really nothing to experience when just purchasing an MP3 download.  It’s just a string of binary code (zeroes and ones).  Of course, you get the music, but you can find many places online to simply stream (or illegally download) the music for free.

Most people who just buy the occasional single are OK with this.  They only plunked down $0.99 for the single song download, and they don’t expect much else other than the song itself.  But if you’re paying $10 for an entire album, I think you should get a little something extra.  A physical CD would go great with your downloaded MP3s.

It’s getting harder to market recorded music to the masses when so many are enticed to illegally download music for free.  That’s why it’s important to add value to the recording you are selling.  Invest in good graphic design services that may end up on a list like this.  Track your CD sales and give your buyers access to exlusive content like videos or bonus songs.  The more value you can add to your products, the more people will be enticed to buy.

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